Women driving in saudi arabia

Women driving in Saudi Arabia Each individual is en d to enjoy his rights and privileges as stipulated in a country’s constitution. Women in Saudi Arabia should be allowed to drive in public because it is their right to do so. This is because women rights should be respected and be protected against any form of discrimination and abuse, which may hinder their development. Saudi Arabia is one country on focus when it comes to women rights. As an Arab country, women have been subjected to inhuman treatment (Kristof and Wudunn n. d).
On the other hand, the government should strictly abide by the strict Islamic laws. Due to this, it should impose stringent measures to ensure that women do not drive in public and instead leave driving to men. Women should not be allowed to drive freely as men do and they should not drive cars in men’s presence as this contradicts the Islamic laws (Macfarquhar n. d). Due to this, any woman found driving in presence should be arrested since she would have violated the government laws and lack of respect of Islamic laws.
On the other hand, I think women should be allowed to drive since driving is not a reserve for men (Wollstonecraft 56). Banning women from driving is a sign of an oppressive society that does not care about the welfare of other people. Additionally, with persistence discrimination and subordination of women in Saudi Arabia, women lack self –confidence and esteem. In this case, it will be difficult for Saudi Arabia to attain gender equality by the year 2015 as enshrined in the millennium development goals.
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