Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream

Psychology al Affiliation) Sensation, Perception, Dreams and Drugs In simple terms, drugs can be described as any substance that is abused. There are drugs that are beneficial for human consumption; however, if taken wrongfully they end up causing harm to the user. Hard drugs such as bhang are highly abused in the US. Today’s media play a huge role in drug abuse. Certain media contents such as advertisement influence the attitude of the youths towards drugs. For instance, the hyped advertisements on cigarettes have contributed significantly to cigarette consumption in the US. Recent research shows that cigarette consumption is responsible for a great number of deaths worldwide since it’s a major cause of lung cancer. Alcohol is also one of the most abused substances especially among the young people. Alcohol consumption has ruined a many families and broken many dreams. It has subjected many families to poverty especially in third world countries. The paper will provide a further analysis on drug use in a psychological point of view.
In this context, sensation relates to the feeling that is caused by the drug use such as hallucinations. Most people especially the young people use drugs as a source of escapism. Scholars argue that sensation derived from drug use is a major cause of addiction. The reason is that most people fancy such feeling in an attempt of escaping from their real problems. Hard drugs such as bhang and cocaine cause hallucinations or in a nonprofessional term the act of ‘ building castles in the air.’ For that reason such drug are the most addictive especially to the young people. On the hand, alcohol abuse creates a feeling of excitement. Alcohol is abused by all age groups. Continued use of alcohol results in liver cirrhosis and death if the user is not diagnosed on time.
Perception refers to discernment or the societal view of drugs. As earlier mentioned drug use has both social and economic effects. Some of the social effects include broken families, moral decadence and increased crime rate. On the hand, the economics effects of drug abuse include poverty, and increased health cost. The section will analyze drug use under two different perspectives: the society perspective and user perspective. Different users perceive drugs differently. A section of people considers drugs such as Bhang (Marijuana) to be harmless and beneficial health wise. Such argument is factual to a certain extent since researchers have noted medicinal value of bhang if taken under prescription. However, it should be noted that such perception has led to widespread abuse of bhang. On the hand, the society view drugs as the source of all evils. Drug abuse has broken the dreams and ambitions of most youths. It has deprived most people of their loved ones. For that reason, the government in collaboration with the public has established a number outreach programs to rehabilitate the affected ones. Some of the program aim to raise the awareness on the effects of drug abuse while others involve the establishment of rehabilitation centers.
In short, most of the social evils are because of drug abuse in today’s society. As earlier mentioned, today’s media play a critical role in influencing individual behavior. However, it should be noted that drug abuse solely depends on an individual personal choice. Therefore, the society is as huge role to play in influencing the behavior of the young people who are more inclined to drug indulgence.