Yolanda johnson essay sample


Do anyone you know have depression? Depression is not a personal problem but it is a real disease. The symptoms are anxiety and a person feels a perpetual sadness and doubts their self worth. This essay’s thesis is that the causes of depression are varied but the effect is the same, a lowering of a person’s expectations of themselves and hope for the present and future. As we will see, there are different causes of depression and different effects it has on a person suffering from its life.
There is a difference between normal sadness that one has that is part of life and depression. Depression is long lasting and sometimes has genetic roots as it’s chronic.
Some people make the mistake of assuming that all depression is the same. Depression can be broken into three main types.

There is Major depression, also known as clinical depression, which is also known as clinical depression.

Chronic depression, also called dysthymia is long lasting depression that persists for more than two years.
There are many more causes and types of depression, two major ones.
The WebMD. com called depression a “ complex disease.” The website lists the major causes of depression. Some families have a history of depression. This means that there is a genetic factor at work that is the root cause of it. Other times, the cause might have to do with the situation. For instance, if someone loses a family member, this could be a cause that could persist long after the person has died.
They also say that abuse can cause depression. And that past physical, sexual or emotional abuse might lead to a person becoming overcome with sadness and question their self worth.
There is also the case of medications causing depression. There is a correlation between substance abuse and depression with nearly 30 percent of substance abusers also suffering from depression.
On physical structure of the brain that researchers have pinpointed is that the part of the brain able to intake serotonin, a neural transmitter that helps a person be happy, is smaller in people with a history of depressions.
It is no easy task to measure the life-effects of depression. Without a doubt, it causes a person not to achieve their potential because they have lost the ability to believe in themselves. According to WebMD it leads to people having a higher risk of abusing substances. This means that substances abuse, which was also listed as a cause of depression, is also an effect of it. Depression can also lead to tension within personal relationships. Since someone who is depressed is less likely to have a meaningful interaction with people. It could also affect work and school. The thing about depression is that it inhabits every corner of a person’s life suffering from it.
The causes for depression are better understood than the solution for it. The effects on a person’s lives are prodigious. In a worst case scenario could even lead to a person choosing of their own free will to end their life. That is why it is such a good thing to comprehend depression so it may treated appropriately.