You tube critiquing interview skills essay


Interviewing skills and the techniques to communicate effectively is fundamental for any nursing professional. Therefore, for the effective promotion and delivery of quality nursing care, efficiency in communication and interviewing techniques is to be incorporated.
The process of assessment is vital as it is a form of data collection, and for the standardization and systematic data collection, 11 categories of Gordon Functional Health patterns are used. These assist nurses in the determination of the different aspects of the human anatomy. This assessment focuses on the client`s condition of muscle aches.
This interview sheds some light in the proper basis of how to conduct an assessment of a health client and the performance critiqued to identify specific concerns and provide enlightenment for improved interviews that would follow.

Techniques that worked well

The nurse particularly used the appropriate icebreakers that helped in calming the nerves of the patient and putting him at ease. This was essential as it made the patient relaxed and set the stage for the nurse to pose questions on the state of health of the patient. For instance, the nurse Jackie Barb introduced herself and requested for a response introduction from the client in a polite way and this made the patient to easily and comfortably relate with the care giver. The nurse conducted a pre-survey of her client`s condition by inquiring about the history and the duration it has taken.
The open ended questions directed to the patient being interviewed provide room for extensive explanation of the condition experienced and extensive details on the particular ailment. For example; “ What brings you here?”, “ What makes it worse?”, “ What makes it better?” The patient is able to explain her condition from when it started, to the specific triggers to her condition, and the remedies she has sought since her initial discovery of the ailment. Jacky has been made aware of the multiple tests her client is undergoing and the physicians who are attending to her.
In addition, the nurse Jackie, goes further to inquire her client`s thoughts on what her condition might be; “ What do you think it is?”

Techniques that didn’t work well

The nurse provides generalized opinions of the client`s condition which makes the responses vague and less specific. This shows the level of commitment and interest of the nurse to get to the cause of the problem and seek a solution to it. For instance; “ It seems that on a good day it is tolerable for you and on and bad days you just want to stay in bed.”
The other situation that didn’t work well involved the nurse being limited to the amount of interviewing questions as she contemplated consulting her client`s physician. In addition, the nurse Jacky Barb provides prescriptions to her client on the medication for use and this is after limited interview questions. This is done before extensive diagnosis of the condition to ascertain the main problem and offer proper medication to treat the ailment.


The nurse has provided room for extensive elaboration and generalization of the answers which hinders effective and efficient collection of data. A possible check on the medical history of family members would have been crucial as this might assist in tracking the root cause of the problem for better solutions. Trying a different style of questions and also inquiring on the physical activities engaged by the client would be sufficient in providing information.
The interview is from you tube video link: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v= _ZivWBmTvUY


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