> < > < > < What lessons about leading people and managing organizations does Zappos and its CEO, Tony Hsieh, provide?
The company’s culture is one of the biggest factors for its success. From a cultural perspective, the ultimate goal of a company should be to create a place worth being for its own sake, paycheck aside; a place where you would work for free if you could afford to (J Anthony, blogs. hbr. org). Tony Hsieh firmly believes and provides a culture to work where people are respected and given the right encouragement in terms of meaningful roles, learning and skill development to express their skills. Zappos are committed in providing the best Customer service. It not only delivers products free of cost but delivers them with care. Customers are treated as humans and taken utmost care. Customer service and Culture are the biggest lessons that organizations and other leading people should pick up from Zappos and its CEO. Almost two-third of the sales for Zappos is from repeated customers which underlines the customer service provided by them.
2. Describe the management challenges and give examples for each of the following challenges.
With the growing market and the ever increasing competition in the market, Zappos grew from selling shoes to the selling clothes, bedding, toys, cookware, electronics, and more. Though this has been emulated from Amazon, Zappos policy of customer satisfaction with free shipment has only contributed to its success. The company’s core values define its diversity. To encourage the employees to be in sync with the company’s culture of being open-minded, humble and encouraging to learn all the time all point towards endorsing diversity. Such an environment gives all the employees to be themselves and be professional following the corporate culture all the time.
3. Do you agree or disagree with Zmuda’s assertion?
Yes I agree with this assertion. Zappos is mainly focused on customer relationship. Zappos just does not focus on lowering the prices as a part of its customer service; it takes care of each customer. They have set the tone for other companies to follow. Most companies spend lots on advertising and attracting customers but fail to deliver what they promised. Zappos does not spend more on advertising but retains most of its clients with its excellent service to the customer. It increases business impressing clients with its service. The advertising comes in place through the clients who are impressed with the service that they recommend their friends to go with Zappos.
4. What particular aspects of Zappos would other organizations do well to emulate?
Zappos policy of being Simple, committed to customer service and being oneself are the main aspects other organizations should emulate. Friendly and humble CEO who bothers more about chasing vision of satisfying the customers and not charts and graphs of profits earned.
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